Welcome to Flat & Framed!

My name is Nathalie Vissers, I am a researcher in psychology who is passionate about photography. These two interests are aligned in my PhD research on Photography & Aesthetics.

I am broadly interested in how images can communicate meaning or stories, and how we are reading them. For my PhD project, I am specifically focusing on how people look at, and aesthetically react to, art photographs. The project is embedded within the GestaltReVision program, a research group in experimental psychology focusing on perceptual organization, at the University of Leuven, Belgium (KU Leuven).

This website was created to share my ongoing progress, ideas and inspiration in the form of blog posts and lists of resources. I hope this can spark meaningful interactions with other photographers and scientists.

If you are interested in my project, have feedback or suggestions, please feel free to contact me at: nathalie.vissers@kuleuven.be

If you are interested in my personal photography portfolio and my CV, you can find it at www.nathalievissers.com

Happy reading!